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Vicki Draper, International Vibrational Energy Healing Expert for People and Animals - Vicki's passion is facilitating powerful vibrational energy healing and communication for animals and the people who love them so you have more quality bonding harmonious years together. She learned at an early age that western medicine didn't have all of the answers. At the age of 11, her kitten was given "2 days left to live" diagnosis. Vicki did what was natural to her and her kitten lived a vibrant healthy 16 more years. She continues to have more quality of life with her animals. Knowing the importance of animals in your life, she enjoys helping you have this with your special animals too.

Have you been clearing/cleaning? Letting go of the old, making room for the new? This not only affects you, it is important to your animals too.

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Vi Miere and Vicki Draper specialize in animal massage, vibrational healing, gem and crystal essences.